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Posted in Uncategorized by Jacob Zinn on May 11, 2009

Jacob Zinn always finds it difficult to come up with a good lede.

The 20 year-old journalism student has been spending the last few hours uploading portfolio work and laying out the design in an appealing fashion.

He sits behind a laptop, typing the first post on his new blog, trying to make it interesting.

“Maybe blogs should have a limited number of characters like Twitter,” he sighs, typing as he speaks.

Speaking of Twitter, he hasn’t entirely set up the Twitter widget in the sidebar on the right of the screen, but he’s working on it.

He also plans to include links to his Flickr and YouTube pages as soon as he finds the time to.

In between a new job, unwatched DVDs, Guitar Hero: Metallica and sleeping in past 10 AM, he’s hardly had a chance to work on his blog.

“There’s way too much going on right now,” he said, “but this’ll be done soon enough.”

Better late than never.

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