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Get on your boards and Ride

Posted in Skateboarding, Video Games by Jacob Zinn on May 30, 2009

Yesterday, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk had some free time and answered questions about anything on Twitter (@tonyhawk). I asked, “Would you ever drive the Gumball 3000 with Ryan Dunn in the drivers seat?”

For those who don’t know Ryan Dunn, he is a good friend of Bam Margera, professional skateboarder/Jackass. Here’s an excerpt from his Wikipedia article:

Dunn is known for wrecking cars; he once flipped a car eight times into oncoming traffic with Bam Margera, Jess Margera (who suffered a cracked wrist), and Chris Raab in the car. Years later, Ryan was driving a golf cart with Johnny Knoxville while filming a skit for Jackass: The Movie. The idea was that he would launch the golf cart over a sandtrap and into a plastic statue of a giant pig, and the statue would simply be crushed. However, the statue did not crush but instead forced the golf cart into the air and it landed upside down. Ryan was thrown from the cart, but Johnny landed on his neck and the cart landed on top of him. He was knocked out for a while but was not seriously injured. They stopped filming the skit at that point. In the commentary for the movie, Bam Margera noted Dunn’s bad driving.

Anyways, Tony Hawk responded to my tweet:

The Birdman sending tweets!

(Don’t believe me? Here’s the original post by the Birdman himself.)

In celebration of receiving a response, I’m going to give my preview of the long-awaited Tony Hawk Ride.

Since 2007’s Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, gamers have been waiting for the next title in hopes that it will redeem the series. EA’s Skate outsold THPG by nearly a 2:1 ratio and players have been waiting for the TH series to get back on its feet (or board).

The upcoming title was called Hawk 10 until two weeks ago when news broke about Tony Hawk Ride, the latest game that is expected to breathe new life into the series. But it’s not like the previous games where you could sit on the couch and button-mash.

What’s the name of the game? Ride.

Webcomic Penny Arcade doesn’t seem to pleased about the exercise, but the video feature on GameTrailers shows the wireless skateboard peripheral being used by developers and pros.

The controller has a whole bunch of a sensors built in the board to measure balance, weight shifting and which tricks to perform. But there are some obvious concerns.

Release Date: The game is scheduled for a Summer ’09 release, but previous Hawk games have come out in the Fall. However, it will have a preview at E3 on June 3.
Cost: GameStop is advertising Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii presales for the game with the board controller for $119.99. Considering most new releases alone are priced between $60 and $80, this isn’t too bad.
Weight Limit: Unknown, but none of the videos have shown the board break. Judging by the gameplay, I wouldn’t recommend playing this on a hardwood floor–play on a soft carpet.

Is it easier to break than an actual skateboard? I’m sure will find out the same way we found people accidentally losing their grip on Wiimotes and breaking their thousand-dollar plasma TVs.

Hopefully we’ll learn more at E3.

Note: This probably doesn’t replace the annual “Go Skateboarding Day” on June 21.


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