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Pig on the lam

Posted in Music, Observations, TV & Film by Jacob Zinn on July 12, 2009

We may never see pigs fly, but folks in Barrie, ON saw one float.

On Canada Day, an 18-foot helium-filled pig named Pinky belonging to the Rock 95 radio station got loose.

Since its disappearance, locals have been reporting sightings of Pinky and newspapers have written headlines about pigs flying (the best one: Swine Flew).

Rock 95 issued a $1,000 reward for the safe return of their mascot. They also posted this release on their website:

A nationwide pighunt is underway for Pinky the Rock 95 Pig. It vanished yesterday around noon when it broke the rope attaching it to the ground. Witnesses last saw the pig heading in a northeast direction. Rock 95’s General Manager Doug Bingley issued a heartfelt, emotional plea, “I love that pig,” and then confirmed a $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the safe return of the pig. Pinky is 16 feet long, pink, and was manufactured by the same company that built the giant pig for Pink Floyd. In fact, there are only two such pigs in existence. The company said when a call comes in about this kind of pig, they know it’s either Rock 95 or Roger Waters calling.

While Pink Floyd’s pig was for the cover of the Animals album cover, Pinky is the beloved face of Rock 95.

The pig is yet to be found, though children have been calling in with their concerns and the station has recieved a ransom note for the pig.

Let’s hope Pinky doesn’t get away, like Peter Frampton’s inflatable pig on The Simpsons.



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