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Daughtry’s sophomore album is 50-50

Posted in CD Reviews by Jacob Zinn on July 17, 2009
Daughtry - Leave This Town

Track Listing
1. You Don’t Belong
2. No Surprise
3. Everytime You Turn Around
4. Life After You
5. What I Meant To Say
6. Open Up Your Eyes
7. September
8. Ghost of Me
9. Learn My Lesson
10. Supernatural
11. Tennessee Line
12. Call Your Name

Success is harder the second time around for modern rockers Daughtry.

Fronted by American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry, the band released its sophomore album, Leave This Town, on Tuesday.

Leave This Town is the follow up to Daughtry’s 2006 self-titled debut album. Daughtry was a solid breakout rock record, but it seems like the boys from North Carolina have since gone soft.

The first half of the disc starts out with hard rock and power chords, but they bring out the acoustic guitars for the last half.

Tracks such as “Learn My Lesson” and “You Don’t Belong” alternate between slower verses and harder choruses. “Life After You” opts for an acoustic guitar, taking off the edge from the louder songs.

“No Surprise,” the first single off of the new album, is almost a ballad, were it not for the electric guitars and Chris Daughtry’s strong voice.

The more familiar hard rock tracks include “Everytime You Turn Around” and “Ghost of Me.” “What I Meant To Say” opens with an intricate guitar melody that returns throughout the song, though it can’t match to the appearance by Slash of Velvet Revolver (formerly of Guns n’ Roses) on Daughtry’s first album.

If you want to hear Daughtry rock out, the chances of that are like flipping a coin. They still rock, just not as hard as three years ago.



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