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Vancouver didn’t Blink

Posted in Concert Reviews, Pop-Punk by Jacob Zinn on July 29, 2009

In “What’s My Age Again?” by blink-182, bassist Mark Hoppus strums the catchy riff and sings, “Nobody likes you when you’re 23.”

It seems like a lot of people like you when you’re in your 30s and still playing radio-friendly pop-punk.

There was an ass in almost every seat of GM Place for last night’s blink-182 concert; some might say there were three asses on stage.

With Hoppus on bass, Tom DeLonge on guitar and Travis Barker on drums, the reunited SoCal trio returned to Vancouver for the first time since 2001.

They opened with “Dumpweed,” the first song on the 1999 Enema of the State record, followed by “Feeling This,” the first song on their 2003 self-titled album.

Though Vancouver is the third stop on their tour, Hoppus said it was the first real show, by which he meant the first show in an arena. (The first two shows in Las Vegas were held at the Joint, a showroom in the Hard Rock Hotel with a 4,000-person capacity.)

“The rest of Canada and the U.S. can just suck it,” he said in a Wild Ones t-shirt, later adding, “I won’t play like this for Calgary.”

Set List
Feeling This
The Rock Show
Easy Target
What’s My Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together for the Kids
Stockholm Syndrome
First Date
Man Overboard
Going Away to College
Not Now
All the Small Things
Adam’s Song
Reckless Abandon
Anthem Part Two

Much of what Tom said was too obscene to repeat, but the crowd responded with cheers and jumped around to the first few songs. “The Rock Show” and “What’s My Age Again?” got a lot of people on the floor moving.

Even lesser-known songs such as “Easy Target” and “Going Away to College” got big responses from the audience.

The band has been working on new material in the studio, but this tour isn’t to promote a new album–this is strictly for nostalgic purposes, playing only their greatest hits and favourites off of their previous works.

Between songs, Hoppus and DeLonge went back and forth with toilet humour while the heavily tattooed Barker kept to himself behind his drumset.

At one point, Hoppus told the crowd that Barker had something to say, though Barker’s expression didn’t agree. Hoppus persuaded him to let out a quick, “Hi,” which got applause from the fans and prompted Hoppus to drop his pink bass on the ground.

They went back to the music, playing “Stay Together for the Kids” and “First Date” off of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, as well as “Man Overboard,” a song rumoured to be about ex-drummer Scott Raynor’s alcohol abuse.

Barker has been his replacement for more than a decade, and after seeing his flying drum solo over the audience, it’s obvious why. Throughout the show, he threw drumsticks to the crowd, coveted by some lucky fans as mementos of the concert.

Towards the end of the show, the band starting picking songs that might be older than some audience members. They played “Josie” from 1997’s Dude Ranch, then returned for the encore, “Carousel” and “Dammit.”

What made this concert exception was that the fans jumped in the pit, knew all the words and had a good time.

If only Barker had drumsticks for everyone.



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