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X Games (still) not available in Canada

Posted in Skateboarding, Sports, TV & Film by Jacob Zinn on July 31, 2009

The 15th-annual X Games are on this week in Los Angeles–too bad they won’t pass the remote to Canada.

Most of the events are being broadcast in the United States on ESPN and ESPN2. Both channels are unavailable in Canada as they would take away from the viewership of Canadian sports channels such as Sportsnet and The Score.

If you live in Canada, chances are you’ll have to catch the highlights on SportsCenter, watch clips on YouTube, find a lifecaster with their webcam pointed towards their TV or wait about ten months ’til TSN shows it at 9:00 a.m. on a random weekday.

ESPN does offer live video of the events on their website, but you have to have a certain Internet service provider to access the footage.

Why is it so difficult to get the biggest extreme sporting event in Canada? Why won’t the Canadian networks purchase the rights to broadcast the X Games live? And why does my ISP matter?

This is the fourth or fifth year in a row that this has happened. Before that, they streamed the X Games through RealPlayer and it worked just fine in Canada, but now there are content restrictions keeping Canadians from seeing some of the gnarliest tricks ever performed.

It’s unlikely that ESPN will be in Canada anytime soon, so until then, check SportsCenter for highlights, visit the X Games website for results and don’t miss the six hours of extreme programming that ABC is offering this weekend.

Saturday, 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
• Moto X Freestyle Elimination
• BMX Freestyle Park Final
• Skateboard Street Men’s Final
• Moto X Super Moto Men’s Final

Sunday, 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
• Rally Car Racing Elimination
• Skateboard Park Men’s Final
• Rally Car Racing Final


Moto X Best Whip
1. Todd Potter – 42.00
2. James Stewart – 21.00
3. Ricky Carmichael – 17.00
4. Josh Grant – 10.00
5. Myles Richmond – 8.00
6. Ronnie Renner – 4.00

Skateboard Big Air Final
1. Jake Brown – 94.00
2. Bob Burnquist – 94.00
3. Rob Lorifice – 92.33
4. Adam Taylor – 90.66
5. Edgard Pereira – 88.66
6. Andy MacDonald – 88.33

Moto X Step Up
Ricky Carmichael & Ronnie Renner (tied) – 34’0″



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