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PlayStation 3 versus PS3 Slim

Posted in Video Games by Jacob Zinn on August 18, 2009

Like Sony had done in the past for the PlayStation 2, the entertainment franchise unveiled the slim version of the PlayStation 3 on Tuesday at Games Con with a release date of September 1.

It’s smaller, lighter and uses less power than its predecessor, but Sony entertainment boss Kaz Hirai addressed economic concerns for those with less disposable income.

“The most important figures are two, nine and nine,” said Hirai, “and in case you haven’t figured out what that number means, it’s the price.”

At $299, the PS3 Slim is cheaper than the current PlayStation 3’s on the market–at least, for today. Tomorrow, every PlayStation 3 gets a price drop of $100. The 80GB model will match the PS3 Slims price and the 160GB model will sit at $399.

Still holding out on buying a PS3? It doesn’t get much better than the Slim–unless you want to mess around with the PS3’s interface. The PS3 Slim will not run other operating systems such as Linux, whereas the current PS3s do.

If this is your dilemma, you’d better decide soon. Sony plans to phase out old models of the PS3, leaving the Slim as the only option on the market.

That’s bad news for anyone who wants to go back in their video game collection and play some PS One and PS2 gems. The PS3 Slim doesn’t offer backwards compatability, so hold onto the previous generation consoles.

(I bought my 80GB PS3 in December for $399 with a $150 hard drive upgrade to 250GB from Geek Squad and a 3-year $90 performance plan. I’m covered.)

Here are the specs:

PlayStation 3
Price: $399 $299 (80GB), $499 $399 (160GB)
Hard Drive: 80GB, 160GB (upgradeable)
Wi-Fi: Yes
USB 2.0 Ports: 2
Colour: Piano Black
Backwards Compatability: PlayStation
Linux OS: Yes

PS3 Slim
Price: $299
Hard Drive: 120GB (upgradeable)
Wi-Fi: Yes
USB 2.0 Ports: 2
Colour: Charcoal Black (matte finish)
Backwards Compatability: No
Linux OS: No

They’re not all that different from each other. They both have upgradeable hard drives, they both play Blu-Ray movies and they’re both the same price. The only question left is to Linux or not to Linux.



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