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Comedians want four more years in the Frat Pack

Posted in TV & Film by Jacob Zinn on August 23, 2009

This weekend, I watched Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy for the first time in a while. Until now, I hadn’t realized how many Frat Pack comedians were members of the Channel 4 news room.
Comedians such as Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Jack Black have always been Frat Pack members, but some supporting actors in Anchorman five years ago are now topping the box office. Paul Rudd’s bromance films with Jason Siegel are popular, David Koechner has had several roles alongside Ferrell and Seth Rogen is arguably the biggest draw with films including Superbad and Knocked Up tied to his name.
Here’s a run-down of the comedians who made fictional ’70s news hilarious.

Channel 4 News

Will Ferrell as Ron Bugundy – anchorman
Christina Applegate (not considered a Frat Pack member) as Veronica Corningstone – co-anchor
David Koechner as Champ Kind – sportscaster
Steve Carell as Brick Tamland – weatherman
Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana – field reporter

Fred Willard as Ed Harken – news director
Seth Rogen as Scotty – cameraman


Vince Vaughn as Wes Mantooth – lead anchor (Channel 9 Evening News)
Luke Wilson as Frank Vitchard – lead anchor (Channel 2 News)
Ben Stiller as Arturo Mendes – lead anchor (Spanish Language News)
Jack Black as Motorcyclist



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