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Hello autumn, goodbye reruns!

Posted in TV & Film by Jacob Zinn on September 22, 2009

Today is the first day of fall. To most, that means the leaves will darken to shades of orange and brown, the sun will sometimes be masked by cloudy skies and the air in the wind will get a little bit colder.

But to people who don’t get outdoors that much, it means new episodes of TV shows will be premiering in the fall line-up and running through the winter. These folks huddle in front of the warmth of their flatscreens for hours of unnecessary entertainment.

For me in particular, September 27 marks the night the best TV series’ return. Here’s a look at what I’m looking forward to.

American Dad!, FOX
Ever since the pilot aired after the Super Bowl XXXIX wardrobe malfunction, American Dad! has surprisingly been watched weekly by millions. The Smith family back for its fifth season, but expectations are low, perhaps lower than they were last year. Viewers might be able to count on a continuation of dramatic, unexplained widescreen cutscenes that only dedicated fans remember.

The Cleveland Show, FOX
Making its premiere this Sunday, The Cleveland Show is the a Family Guy spin-off featuring Cleveland Brown on his own slow-speaking adventures–only this time, his son is fat. It’s unclear if this will be Clevelands permanent home or if he’ll still be a supporting character at 9:00 when Family Guy starts.

Desperate Housewives, ABC
Heading into its sixth season, the housewives come back to Wisteria Lane after the season five finale’s cliffhanger ending. Expect a new addition the Scavo family, an affair between Bree Hodge and Karl Meyer, and the on-again-off-again relationship between Susan and Mike to be on-again. Again.

Family Guy, FOX
People used to watch the Bradys. Now they watch the Griffins. Though the show has lost some of its unpredictability from the first few seasons, fans come back for the cutaway jokes and potty humour. No cliffhangers, no drama, no plot twists, just laughs.

The Simpsons, FOX
Arguably the greatest animated TV show of all time, The Simpsons starts its 21st season on Sunday. The new episodes have been struggling to live up to the reputation set by previous seasons, but Matt Groening and co. still get the ratings week after week. Homer choking Bart never gets old.



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