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Colbert apologizes to iceholes

Posted in Events, TV & Film by Jacob Zinn on February 17, 2010

Stephen Colbert basking in Canadian glory.

Stephen Colbert now realizes that the Canadians he calls syrup-sucking iceholes are his biggest fans in the Great White North.

Today, Stephen Colbert filmed his first of two Vancouver-based Colbert Report‘s at Creekside Park outside Science World in Vancouver to an estimated crowd of 2,000.

The festival-style stage featured a Canadian-themed decor, including a moose, a beaver, fake snow and a Canadian flag contrasted by a U.S. flag.

After much anticipation, Colbert took the stage and began filming his opening bit. He noticed a woman in the crowd named Mary Sue Atkinson, who was holding an Olympic torch. She allowed Colbert to use it in his opening bit and Colbert personally thanked her from the stage, which started a “Mary Sue” chant.

The crowd enjoyed chanting–so much so that when Colbert called them a bunch of “chanting whores,” they chanted “chanting whores.”

His guests included Michael Bublé, a B.C. singer; Mike Eruzione, a former player for the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic hockey team; and Bob Costas, a sportscaster for NBC.

Colbert crooned with Bublé. At first, he suggested they each sing their national anthems at the same time, but Bublé compromised. Instead, they sang “O Canada” to the tune of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

During Bublé’s appearance, the crowd chanted “ride the moose,” referring to the prop moose on stage.

Bublé didn’t ride the moose.

Then he spoke with Eruzione on how, with the rise of social networking, the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” would likely be called the “OMG on Ice” today.

Again, fans chanted “ride the moose.”

Eruzione didn’t ride the moose.

Lastly, he interviewed Costas on his experience doing commentary on previous Olympics.

Before that interview, a fan shouted something about the film Pootie Tang, in which Costas had a small role in. He said he considers Pootie Tang to be an “art film,” and threw in a “Sa Da Tay.”

Once more, the fans chanted “ride the moose.”

Costas rode the moose.

After the show, Colbert acknowledged how thrilled he was at the response of the crowd and that he didn’t expect that many people to show up. He admitted he wanted to take back everything he’s said about Canada.

The second episode is being filmed tomorrow at Creekside Park at 9:15, the same location and start time as todays episode. Both episodes will air next week.

Episodes of The Colbert Report can be watched for free online on CTV.ca.

Michael Bublé takes the stage at Creekside Park.

Michael Bublé and Stephen Colbert singing their respective national anthems.

Stephen Colbert with Canada's national mascot.



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