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Top 5 Musicians I would see in Concert, Again

Posted in Concert Reviews, Music, Top 5 by Jacob Zinn on May 5, 2010

Over the last five years, I’ve seen dozens of musicians in concert–some of them twice. Some entertainers just put on a show that you can’t see just once.

I’ve already seen Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen, Linkin Park, Mötley Crüe, Rob Zombie and Sum 41 two times each, but here are five bands I would like to see, again.

Top 5 Musicians I would see in Concert, Again

5. blink-182

It took eight years for the Southern California pop-punk trio to come back to Vancouver, but I was sure to get floor tickets when they returned. Mark, Tom and Travis’ long-awaited reunion made for much anticipation among the youthful crowd at the third show of the summer tour. It was one of the more energetic shows I had been to and the fans knew all the words, making it even better. And with all the energy exerted on the floor, the band exerted it back with their performance. To have another chance to catch Travis Barker’s drumsticks would be entirely worth paying the ticket price again.

4. Aerosmith

I was all set to see Aerosmith for the second time last August, but the Canadian tour dates were cancelled after Steven Tyler fell off the stage at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and later checked into rehab for a painkiller addiction. While I got my $200 back, I still would’ve rather seen “The Bad Boys from Boston” from the floor of BC Place than when I saw them in 2006 from the nosebleeds of GM Place. It may be a while as Tyler may be recording a rap album with Timbaland before rejoining his bandmates, but if Aerosmith tours with Tyler as lead singer, I’d spend that $200 again.

3. The White Stripes

The White Stripes’ 2007 Canadian tour (as seen in the 2010 documentary Under Great White Northern Lights) was a tremendous string of dates that honoured some of Jack White III’s ancestry as the band played across the provinces and territories. Furthermore, watching only two band members make such great music outside of the conventional drums, bass, guitar and vocals set up is something to see live. Both of the White’s are talented, between Meg’s smooth drumming and Jack’s ability to sing while alternating between guitar and keyboard. You have to see it for yourself, and do a double-take by buying another ticket.

2. The Rolling Stones

There really isn’t much to be said here. Keith Richards should have died in 1996, and while I saw the Stones on the last North American date of the Bigger Bang Tour, there’s no doubt that I would see Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie again. After all, the question most asked by Stones isn’t “have you seen them before?” It’s “how many times?”

1. AC/DC

Now, I’ve already seen AC/DC twice, but I don’t think twice could ever be enough. Like the Stones, we’re not sure how much longer AC/DC will be around. Lead singer Brian Johnson has talked about retiring next year, and while Angus Young is the youngest member of the group, he’s still 53 and he can’t possibly be a schoolboy that much longer. That said, if Australia’s greatest export were to extend its Black Ice Tour and take the highway to Hell Vancouver again, I would grab the plastic devil horns from their last show and get on the floor once more. I waited five years to see them the first time, so I wouldn’t miss them if the opportunity came up.

Honourable Mentions
Iron Maiden
Kid Rock
Ozzy Osbourne
Rise Against



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