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X Games 17 Results

Posted in Extreme Sports by Jacob Zinn on August 11, 2011


Skateboard Park
GOLD: Raven Tershy (82)
SILVER: Pedro Barros (81)
BRONZE: Ben Hatchell (75)

  • After 19 starts, Omar Hassan still hasn’t medalled at the X Games.

Skateboard Big Air
GOLD: Bob Burnquist, Switch 540 Lien / 540 Lien to Double Grab (92.66)
SILVER: Adam Taylor, 360 Lien / 540 Melon (89.66)
BRONZE: Edgard Pereira, 360 / 540 Body Varial (87.00)

  • Mitchie Brusco, 14, is the youngest skater to land a 900.
  • On his last run, Elliot Sloan came extremely close to landing a 900 Tailgrab, which would have made him the seventh person in the world to land a 900.

Skateboard Women’s Street
GOLD: Marisa Dal Santo (88.00)
SILVER: Alexis Sablone (84.33)
BRONZE: Leticia Bufoni (78.00)

Skateboard Real Street
GOLD: Brandon Westgate

Skateboard Street
GOLD: Nyjah Huston (91.66)
SILVER: Luan Oliveira (91.00)
BRONZE: Ryan Scheckler (89.00)

  • In his final run of the qualifying heats, Sean Malto eliminated Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez from semifinal contention.

Skateboard Vert
GOLD: Shaun White (93.00)
SILVER: Pierre-Luc Gagnon (91.66)
BRONZE: Bucky Lasek (87.66)

  • Shaun White put down the score of 93.00 on his final run, keeping PLG from earning a four-peat.

Skateboard Game of SK8
GOLD: Ryan Decenzo


BMX Big Air
GOLD: Steve McCann, Double Frontflip / Double Tailwhip (91.66)
SILVER: Vince Byron, Double Tailwhip Backflip / 540 No-Hander (90.66)
BRONZE: Chad Kagy, Tailwhip Backflip / Flairwhip (89.33)

  • McCann took the lead from behind by scoring 91.66 on the last run of the night.

BMX Vert
GOLD: Jamie Bestwick (92)
SILVER: Steve McCann (90)
BRONZE: Vince Byron (79)

  • In his third run, McCann pulled a No-Handed 900, making him the second person to do that trick behind Mat Hoffman.
  • This is Bestwick’s fifth straight BMX Vert gold (and eighth overall).

(In my opinion, Bestwick’s second-to-last run did not deserve the winning score of 47, considering it had no Double or Triple Tailwhips, no 540 Tailwhips and no No-Handed 900s.)

BMX Park
GOLD: Daniel Dhers (81: 40 + 41 with a third score of 35)
SILVER: Dennis Enarson (81: 40 + 41 with a third score of less than 35)
BRONZE: Scotty Cranmer (72)

BMX Street
GOLD: Garrett Reynolds (92)
SILVER: Dennis Enarson (85)
BRONZE: Dakota Roche (84)


Moto X Step Up
GOLD: Matt Buyten, 37′

  • Buyten set the X Games height record at 37′, breaking Tommy Clowers’ record of 35′ from X Games 6 in 2000.

Moto X Best Whip
GOLD: Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg
SILVER: Todd Potter
BRONZE: Jarryd McNeil

Moto X Best Trick
GOLD: Jackson “Jacko” Strong, Frontflip (95.66)
SILVER: Cameron Sinclair, Nac-Nac Double Backflip (94.66)
BRONZE: Josh Sheehan, Double Backflip (93.33)

  • Strong, 19, landed the first frontflip on a motorbike in X Games history.
  • Travis Pastrana went for the TP Roll (720) twice, but crashed and injured his leg, sidelining him for all subsequent events.

Moto X Freestyle
GOLD: Nate Adams (91)
SILVER: Adam Jones (86)
BRONZE: Dany Torres (83)

  • This is Adams’ second gold medal in Moto X Freestyle since X Games 10 in 2004.

Moto X Speed & Style
GOLD: Nate Adams
SILVER: Mike Mason
BRONZE: Ronnie Faisst


Rally Car Racing
GOLD: Liam Doran
SILVER: Marcus Gronholm
BRONZE: David Higgins

GOLD: Brian Deegan
SILVER: Tanner Foust
BRONZE: Marcus Gronholm



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