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The History of Seattle’s Hard Rock

Posted in Music by Jacob Zinn on September 6, 2011

Move over, Space Needle–the Experience Music Project is the destination for tourists in Seattle, Washington.

At least, to me it is. From Hendrix to Cobain, the EMP museum has awe-inspiring exhibits and a gallery of classic guitars that provoked much heart-pounding, jaw-dropping amazement.

Now that I’ve returned from several days in Seattle, here are some photos from my trip (all rock ‘n’ roll related).

For more information on the Experience Music Project, visit their website.

A wall of famous musicians from the Sound & Vision exhibit, which features interviews with artists on hit records, concerts and related phenomena.

Smells Like Kid Spirit. (This boy sat in front of the main entrance of the Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses exhibit. The contrast in his age and that of the teenagers and young adults amused me enough to take the photo. He moved his head during the snap of the shutter, which blurred his face.)

Nirvana won Best Alternative Video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. This is their Moon Man.

Eddie Van Halen’s signature Kramer Frankenstein guitar. (With all the drooling of onlookers, I understood why it’s kept behind glass.)

(This guitar with the girl painted on it intrigued me. It’s part of the If VI Was IX guitar sculpture at the Experience Music Project. Photo taken from the second floor.)

A mural at Jimi Hendrix’s memorial in Renton, Washington. Rest in peace, Johnny Allen Hendrix.



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