Jacob Zinn :: journalist + photographer

Online Portfolio


Kwantlen Chronicle
KSA rollies a doob-ious affair
The Kwantlen Student Association maintains that selling Zig-Zags (paper used to roll tobacco cigarettes and joints) does not conflict with the university promoting anti-smoking products under the student health plan.

Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway Next Tom Hanks Film?
Tom Hanks’ production company, Playtone, is rumoured to be interested in making a film adaption of Green Day’s upcoming American Idiot Broadway musical.

The Runner
Tom Morello occupies the Vogue Theatre
He might perform under the moniker of the Nightwatchman, but it was Tom Morello who got the Vogue Theatre chanting and raising fists in unison on Wednesday night.

JRNL 1160 Introduction to Journalism
Money Talks: Scalpers Steal the Show
Getting AC/DC tickets is a dirty deed and it isn’t done dirt cheap.

JRNL 1261 Advanced Journalism
Making It to the Finish Line
Brent Kruger is running for his fiancée’s life.

JRNL 1265 Feature Writing
Scotty Mac, Professional Wrestler
cotty Mac would rather be known for kicking people in the throat and swinging steel chairs than for pouring drinks at his pub job. He’s a wrestler who bartends, not a bartender who wrestles.

JRNL 3130 Magazine Writing
Mariama’s Book
They call it My Name is Mariama. It’s a book that tells the life story to date of Mariama Melissen, the adopted, Sierra Leonean daughter of Joe and Adrienne Melissen.


JRNL 1130 Print Photography
Action Shot – Riley Howlett

JRNL 1231 Photojournalism I
Sports Feature – Quiksilver Showdown Over the City
Sports Photo – Triple-A Semifinals

JRNL 2332 Photojournalism II
Taking God’s Word to War
Second Year Portfolio


COMM 3100 Media + Diversity
LEVIticus 19:28
Levi Reimer doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve–he wears it on the back of his neck.

JRNL 2402 Introduction to Radio
Living for Death Metal
This six-minute radio documentary focuses on Mike Turner (real name withheld), a 20 year-old death metal vocalist who embraced the genre during his teenage years. Turner opens up about his elementary school experiences and how his childhood turned him toward one of the heaviest types of music.

JRNL 1273 Production + Editing
Audio Slideshow – Eric Saide
The story of Eric Saide, 78, who works the crosswalk for kids at Pacific Heights Elementary School in South Surrey. Saide is known in the community as the crossing guard who waves to everyone–and everyone waves back.



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