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JRNL 1231 – Extreme Sports Feature – Quiksilver Showdown

JRNL 1231 – Basic Photojournalism

Sebastien Toutant - Heat 2, Run 1 - Backside 720

Show-offs at the Showdown

The fog wouldn’t let up on Grouse Mountain, but neither would the determination of 40 snowboarders.

Pro riders from around the world showed up to show off at the second-annual Quiksilver Showdown Over the City, which took place March 27 and 28.

The Friday night rail event tested riders’ balance as they slid down slippery handrails, trying not to fall out of the rankings.

Matt Munn won the contest and $3,000 with one of his tricky boardslides, keeping his board to the rail as long as he could.

The big competition happened on Saturday as riders rode snowmobiles up the mountain only to speed all the way down.

As if it wasn’t challenging enough to fly down the mountain and jump off a giant ramp of snow, they had to do it with limited visibility.

The Saturday downhill session had snowboarders competing in the semi-finals, with $10,000 waiting for the first place finisher.

Immanuel Anderson, Jesmond Dubeau, Dave Fortin and Warren Williams advanced in heat one, as did Chris Collard, Atsushi Ishikawa, Matt Munn and Sebastien Toutant in heat two.

Every qualifier performed mid-air spins off the big jump, followed by technical grinds on the green handrails at the bottom of the course.

First place went to 16 year-old snowboarding prodigy Toutant, who’s only been riding for six years. He won the whole contest with his signature move, the Tootsie Roll, a Backside 1080 Double Roll.

In other words, it involves three full rotations and two barrel rolls.

“Huge,” exlaimed one of the commentators from the announce tower.

“Ridiculous,” chimed the other announcer, both impressed by Toutant, as was the crowd on the sidelines.

Nicknamed Seb Toots by his friends, Toutant gets to go back to his hometown of Montreal $10,000 richer.

Dubeau went home with $4,000 in second place and Ishikawa took third and $2,000.

They each did Frontside 900s off the ramp–two and a half rotations, landing backwards on the snow.

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